The History of the House:

The Manoir de Morimont was build in the twenties at the foot of the Bois du Morimont. The area of the Bois des Rêves and the Bois du Morimont attracted already a big number of tourists at the time, spending a nice Sunday afternoon with a walk in the woods. Several beautiful houses have been built in this area for pleasure and hunting.
The Manoir was build in 1925 and was extended for the first time in 1950, when the actual sitting area, the actual Suite and Morimont room and the terrace have been added.
A first renovation in the seventies and a last renovation, giving its actual character in 2007.

The Philosophy

Feel the privacy of a refined place and yet have the opportunity to meet interesting people at breakfast.

Every season’s beauty. Enjoy the Silence in winter time, admire the revival of nature in spring with all its colours, the shade under the trees in summertime and last but not least: the reds, browns, yellows and oranges of the fall.

No Air-conditioning. Due the houses ancient walls the winters are nice and warm inside and the house is naturally fresh in summer.

Every guest is a special guest, a personal welcome by your hosts to make you feel at ease and with respect for your privacy.

And a man’s best friend is more than welcome here at the Manoir de Morimont.
Our own 2 dogs will give you on their turn a very intense welcome and are more than happy to show their favourite places in the park.